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Leverage Salesforce Ideas in Your Community

One of the greatest features you can offer your customer or partner base as a product-driven company is an idea engine. It allows those who use your product regularly to offer suggestions on how to improve it, features to add, or what new products to create. Giving the power to your customers to help make the decision on what gets added to the next release helps drive value to your community and your brand. Continue reading “Leverage Salesforce Ideas in Your Community”

Differences Between Lightning & Visualforce Communities

For awhile now, there’s been lots of chatter (pun intended!) around Salesforce Lightning Communities and the capabilities have only been growing stronger over time. In fact, with each release, the reasons you thought you needed a Visualforce Community are waning. In fact, I’m in total agreement with my colleague, Kara Allen, in predicting the end of use of Visualforce Communities, and you can read why below: Continue reading “Differences Between Lightning & Visualforce Communities”

Improve Your Partner Community: Applying Feedback

In yesterday’s blog post, we discussed gathering feedback from your partners in order to improve your partner community user experience. Now, in light of Salesforce announcing a preview of the new Partner Central Community in the Summer ’17 release, let’s dive into the data and come up with some solutions on how to address common pain points. Continue reading “Improve Your Partner Community: Applying Feedback”

Improve Your Partner Community: Gathering Feedback

So you want to improve your partner community. You worked hard on it and had high hopes that it would be the sparkle in your partners’ eyes, but it fell flat. Maybe the content isn’t what your partners are looking for (maybe they can’t even find it!), or maybe piecemeal, band-aid-like updates have taken a toll on the user experience and overall design.

We hear you, and we’re here to guide you down the path of improvement. This article, part 1 of 2, will discuss the first step in community improvement: gathering feedback. Continue reading “Improve Your Partner Community: Gathering Feedback”

What Mobile Salesforce Solution is Right for You?

Take a quick trip down memory lane with me…the year is 2007 and you’re at your desk. You’re using your desktop computer to surf websites that were built with HTML tables and Flash, the user experience clunky and the styles an abomination in today’s standards. Your cell phone beside you; you don’t think twice about using it for anything other than calls and texts, certainly not for buying anything, opening a support case, or searching a public knowledge base.

Continue reading “What Mobile Salesforce Solution is Right for You?”

Targeting styles in an iframe in IE9

I recently had the opportunity to work on a project for a large company that was implementing an extensive federated search. In addition to having the search be accessible through their CRM, they wanted this search to be available on their two intranets by way of an iframe. Suffice it to say these intranets were run on pretty outdated platforms because they had to work on much older versions of Internet Explorer, which was the company standard.

My role in this project was the front-end development of the search interface. With this particular issue, I worked with the company’s back-end developers to implement the iframe into the individual intranets. We ran into a few issues, of course, when testing older versions of Internet Explorer including 9 & 10. What happened was that the meta tag on the parent page (the intranet) that sets the document mode was forcing IE to render the web page as IE8, therefore messing with the styles on the search page in the iframe.

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