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The 4 Constants in a Salesforce Communities User Experience

The 4 Constants in a Salesforce Communities User Experience

Salesforce Communities have been out awhile now – it’s no news that they are changing the way businesses interact with their partners, customers or employees. A mind-boggling amount of companies utilize Salesforce Communities at this point, ranging from non-profits to Fortune 500s, across all industries. It’s a testament to the built-in power and versatility the Community Cloud offers. I’ve helped design, implement and launch close to 20 myself over the past 3 years! In that time, even with the continuing enhancements each release, I’ve noticed a few constants in the user experience best practices that Communities offers.

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Differences Between Lightning & Visualforce Communities

For awhile now, there’s been lots of chatter (pun intended!) around Salesforce Lightning Communities and the capabilities have only been growing stronger over time. In fact, with each release, the reasons you thought you needed a Visualforce Community are waning. In fact, I’m in total agreement with my colleague, Kara Allen, in predicting the end of use of Visualforce Communities, and you can read why below: Continue reading “Differences Between Lightning & Visualforce Communities”

What Mobile Salesforce Solution is Right for You?

Take a quick trip down memory lane with me…the year is 2007 and you’re at your desk. You’re using your desktop computer to surf websites that were built with HTML tables and Flash, the user experience clunky and the styles an abomination in today’s standards. Your cell phone beside you; you don’t think twice about using it for anything other than calls and texts, certainly not for buying anything, opening a support case, or searching a public knowledge base.

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