Highlights of the Winter ’19 Salesforce Communities Release

As we wave a final farewell to Koa and Kokua, we turn our eyes toward bigger and better features in the Winter ’19 release. As per the usual, I’m nerd-level excited over these improvements – just ask anyone who begins to talk Salesforce Communities with me!

Winter ’19 is heavily focused on the user experience through gamification, enhanced accessibility, providing the right content to the right audience at the right time, among some other notable changes. Read through the highlights below!

General Communities

    • Meant to be a public knowledge base, users can jump right into finding articles or topics & case creation without having to authenticate. Get them answers fast! This goes hand in hand with the new global action for case creation, specifically for unauthenticated users, too.
    • I heard rumblings about this feature a year ago and am PUMPED it’s moving along, albeit in Beta right now. This will allow your internal team to create content right in Workspaces, or pull it in from Salesforce. All your content in one place. Refreshing!
    • Oh yes, I audibly gasped about this one. You can now choose to create audience criteria and define if the criteria is AND or OR (ex., profile = Community User OR Location = China). On top of that ground-breaker, they added the ability to define criteria with equals, does not equal, contains, or does not contain (ex., User > Contact > Account > Status “does not equal” Inactive)
  • Theme Improvements
      • In addition to the ability to export your whole template or just a single page from community to community (or package for distribution on the AppExchange), you can now export just the theme.
    • More Capabilities
      • New Themes to choose from for focusing the content to your requirements.
      • Pin the navigation to the header for greater visibility or push the hero image under your navigation are now options for you to further customize.
  • Edit page URLs
    • This one’s huge: all pages (except Home, Login & Error) can be changed to follow the same format your customers or partners are use to. Before you’d need to do a combination of URL redirects or leveraging Visualforce pages to get the right URL you wanted (for SEO purposes or migration requirements) – now it’s easy peasy.

Lightning Components in Communities

Community Engagement

Files in Communities

Partner Central

One of the biggest changes to come out of this is that the requirement to create a username that is unique in that org, can now be relegated to ONE org. This is an irreversible option, so be sure it’s truly one you want to make.

Sharing & Security

Other Noteworthy Updates

Phew! That was a lot, I know, but doesn’t it get you excited? Don’t forget to test out the new features in a preview org, and test in a sandbox when it’s released there. Other than that, happy trails!

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