Lightning Bolt Templates: Creating, Packaging & Troubleshooting

As of Summer ’17, Salesforce released the ability for users to export their communities as a packaged solution, allowing quick creation of new communities or packaging for distribution on the AppExchange.

What is Lightning Bolt?

Lightning Bolt is a new metadata type that includes most everything in your community: themes, CSS, Lightning components, page layouts and files are all included. It can be used inside the org it was exported from by simply selecting the theme when setting up your new community, or applied to an existing community. It can also be packaged and distributed.

Who should create and use Lightning Bolt solutions?

Lightning Bolt templates have several use cases:

  • A customer who wants to stand up a new community without starting from scratch
  • A partner who wants to build specific templates & themes for accelerated development for their clients
  • An ISV who wants to develop specific pages or templates for distribution on the AppExchange

How do I create a Lightning Bolt solution?

Start with any of the Communities templates (Napili, Partner Central, etc.) – build out your community with all the custom and standard components in place, modify the styles and layouts you need, and once you’re ready, export! To prepare, here’s what you’ll need:

Originally posted on Perficient’s Salesforce blog, I encourage you to read the rest of the article by clicking here.

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