Salesforce Communities Spring ’19 Release Notes: Cliff Notes Version

It’s spring and Einstein has come out to play on a bike carrying a basket of flowers. While it may not be spring quite yet (it hit 38 degrees here in Los Angeles this week!), we get to dive into a fuzzy, warm review of what the next release has in store for Salesforce Communities.

[[  I’m going to try a more “Cliff Notes” format this time, admittedly because I’ve been busy, but also to help you get the information you need quicker. This is inspired by my friends on the Salesforce Exchange Discord server. Let me know what you think!  ]]

General Community Updates
Lightning Components
Partner Communities
Sharing & Security

As always, test your communities in sandboxes before the update is applied to production to ensure nothing breaks. Speaking of which, have you been doing custom CSS overrides? Here’s a complete list of selectors you may need to check before updating your template.

Let me hear your thoughts!

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