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Favicons: Your Salesforce Community is Not Complete Without One

No matter who you are or what size your audience is, your new Salesforce Community will need a favorite icon, also known as “favicon.” For the uninitiated, the favicon is the tiny icon that appears in the tabs of your browser as well as when you “favorite”, or bookmark, a page, hence the name. This icon is often only seen by people in the periphery but a website really isn’t complete without one. Also, it tends to be one of the last things done on a Salesforce Communities project, and I would argue that it should be done as soon as is reasonable, as it does take time to propagate through to the browsers. Favicons truly complete a website and if it isn’t applied to the community, the favicon will stay as the blue Salesforce Cloud icon which may confuse your users. Continue reading “Favicons: Your Salesforce Community is Not Complete Without One”